About Us

How We Began

Pine Moon Studio is Victor Wang's studio for his fine art works in Seattle, WA since 1980s. Our goal at Pinemoon Gallery is to collect, to captivate his works with intriguing beauty and unique style of Wang's Markingcolor and other fine art creations in the last years. Maintaining an edge on new trends and innovated styles is what his search in art. Distinct style lines and unique apparel is what our reputation is built upon at this digital age.


In 1940s, we had computers. PC generated right foot in the 1980s, electronic cameras produced in the 1990s, a breakthrough color printing technology in the 2000s, in 2010s generation of 3D printing comes to life. We are at an unprecedented electronic age. Invention of these technologies for today and the next few centuries maestro laid direction and goals. Era long past the time of realism and skills, and abstracts and impression have been significant impact. Works of today's artists at the digital age will be more brilliant when times become eternal.

The Paintings

For the last 30 years Victor Wang has pioneered a new painting medium that applies powerful color qualities using marking inks on different types of paper. He calls the medium / technique "Markingcolor". Many of these innovative works are featured in prestigious art collections.

More about Markingcolor

In the last 10 years, he also created a new computer painting that Wang calls "New Song" printing.

More about New Song Painting

Victor K. Wang

Fine art painter, professor of fine arts and art critic. Victor Wang's education, artistic skill, and dedication to innovation and creativity utilizing western art materials and technique, combined with his philosophically Chinese art concepts, distinguish him among other fine artists in the world. The Chinese name of the Wang Art Studio is "Song Yue Zhai" (松月斋). In Chinese this means a "scholar-artist's studio with pine and moon." At the age of 80, Wang still works actively on his beloved art.

Day to Day

Every day is a new adventure. At Pinemoon Gallery, we believe in living life to the fullest and enjoying the fruits of quality fine art works.

Our Vision

Pinemoon Gallery is dedicated to providing the finest paintings and beauty, making the world better one piece of apparel at a time. We stand at the frontier of the digital age.

Latest Trends

At Pinemoon Gallery, we demo what and how the beauty of fine arts could be. We don't necessarily follow the classic trends. We believe great style is something that can redefine trends.

Our Gallery

Welcome to view our gallery with anticipation for new & exciting. In today's super connected world, even the counter culture has been assimilated into the mundane. Yet here, you may once again be delighted by that you have truly never seen before.